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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frau Hagan tell Rachel she should do in Chapter 13?
(a) Pray as much as possible.
(b) Make herself as unattractive as possible.
(c) Write a journal.
(d) Escape as soon as she can.

2. What does Ben Jansen offer a pocket full of diamonds for?
(a) A hot meal.
(b) A cigarette.
(c) A quick death.
(d) His son's life.

3. What is Mark provided with because of his family's heritage in Chapter 24?
(a) A silver stiletto.
(b) A piece of tartan.
(c) The Bronze Star.
(d) A parcel of land.

4. What does Mark find a piece of in his grandfather's safe?
(a) Scottish tartan.
(b) His birth certificate.
(c) A telegraph from his grandmother.
(d) A treasure map.

5. What does Jonas tell Mark he had to do to the injured man in Palestine?
(a) Bandage him with leaves.
(b) Carry him for miles on his back.
(c) Bury him alive.
(d) Kill him to not prolong his death.

6. Who does Mark receive a mysterious phone call from in Chapter 14?
(a) Herr Doktor.
(b) Brigadier Smith.
(c) Randazzo.
(d) Rachel.

7. Where has Jonas Stern fled to when Brigadier Smith hears of him?
(a) Ireland.
(b) The Barbary Coast.
(c) Bolivia.
(d) Palestine.

8. What was caused by the power lines being live?
(a) The mission was aborted.
(b) The camp was burned to the ground.
(c) The last cylinder began its descent into the camp.
(d) An alarm was sounded.

9. What operation does Mark offer to take over for Sergeant McShane?
(a) Cooking meals.
(b) Saving the suffocating man.
(c) Cracking coded messages.
(d) Teaching Polish.

10. What does Hagan tell Rachel about Brandt in Chapter 19?
(a) He is an alcoholic.
(b) He is related to Hagen.
(c) He is a pederast.
(d) He is a British spy.

11. What does Mark believe the Allies should do if they do indeed have the gas they claim to have?
(a) Hand it over to the Americans.
(b) Bury it underground.
(c) Send a vial to Hitler.
(d) Bomb the Germans with it.

12. In Chapter 13, what does Frau Hagan explain is different about the camp they are in?
(a) The food is better.
(b) It is not in Germany.
(c) It has beds.
(d) It is an experimental camp.

13. What did saving the mission cost one of the men in Chapter 25?
(a) A thousand pounds.
(b) His life.
(c) His eyesight.
(d) His leg.

14. What does Smith tell Jonas they must avoid at all costs?
(a) The border of Austria.
(b) Being caught.
(c) Speaking in English.
(d) Killing anyone.

15. What caused the unfortunate boy's mother to attack Brandt?
(a) He attempted to rape her.
(b) She was drunk.
(c) The boy was shredded by three guard dogs.
(d) He killed her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sergeant McShane advise the men to always wear in Chapter 16?

2. What does Stern tell Mark he is a fool to believe in?

3. What message does Mark write to his mother in a letter?

4. How many people does Smith tell Jonas are in the camp in Chapter 17?

5. Who wins the race to climb the pylon the fastest in Chapter 24?

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