Black Cross Short Essay - Answer Key

Greg Iles
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1. Why does Rabbi Liebovitz approach Mark McConnell III and what does he tell him?

Rabbi Liebovitz approaches the young McConnell after his grandparents are killed in a helicopter crash. He invites himself to the house and proceeds to have Mark open his grandfather's safe. He then tells Mark the story of his grandfather in World War II.

2. Describe what Mark finds in his grandfather's safe.

When Mark opens the safe he finds a Victoria Cross for Valor with his grandfather's name on it. He also finds a photograph of a young blonde woman and a piece of Scottish tartan. In addition he finds a note from Winston Churchill.

3. Who is Mark McConnell in 1944, and what is his involvement with Brigadier Smith?

Mark McConnell is a doctor working on behalf of the war effort in Oxford in 1944. Brigadier Smith has pressured Mark, a devout pacifist, to produce offensive weapons for the Allies.

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