Objects & Places from Black Cross

Greg Iles
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Victoria Cross

This was awarded to Mark Cameron McConnell for the valor of his actions on February 15, 1944.

Totenhausen Camp

This is a Nazi prisoner camp run by General Herr Doktor Klaus Brandt who used it as an experimental camp.

Achnacarry Castle

This is a commando training facility located in Edinburgh, Scotland where Mark McConnell and Jonas Stern have been sent prior to their mission in order to prepare.


This is the name used for the experimental station of the Nazi prison camp where the gas chamber is housed.

SS Dagger

This is a standard part of the military uniform which is handed out only on the Ninth of November.

Anna's Diary

This is a sort of medical record of all the experiments that took place at the Nazi prison camp.

The Tartan

This was given to Mark McConnell from Sir Donald as a reminder of heritage.


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