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Greg Iles
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Essay Topic 1

Considering what Mark's father went through, what do you think his reaction would be to Mark's choices? What would their father think of Mark's brother?

Essay Topic 2

With all the terrible moments that occur within this book and the crimes many of the characters committed, which do you feel is the most cruel and why?

Essay Topic 3

As there are many, please describe and compare three instances of manipulation of the characters and the results of these manipulations.

Essay Topic 4

There are two moments when Avram Stern is advised by his son to flee Germany, and in both instances, he refuses. Why do you believe he has done this, and how do these choices affect the other characters?

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast the characters of Jonas Stern and Mark McConnell.

Essay Topic 6

How do the characters of Anna Kaas and Rachel Jansen differ in their...

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