Black Cross Character Descriptions

Greg Iles
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Mark Cameron McConnell

This character is invited to assist war efforts at Oxford in England and accepts the position on the condition that he will work in a defensive capacity only.

Brigadier Duff Smith

This character has received information about the Nazis' use of new chemical weapons and a sample of Sarin.

Jonas Stern

This character has been awarded twice by the British Army, and he is simultaneously wanted by the British Military Police for terrorist attacks and is the prime suspect for three murders.

The Shoemaker

This character is a prisoner at the Totenhausen Camp in Germany whose name has come from his profession.

Rachel Jansen

This character is the newly widowed Jewess prisoner in Totenhausen Camp.

Anna Kaas

This character is a nurse at Totenhausen Camp where she assists the doctor with his experiments on the prisoners, but she is secretly recording each experiment in a...

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