Black Cross Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Greg Iles
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Section One: Chapters 1-4

• After Mark and Susan McConnell are killed in a helicopter accident on their way to the hospital, Mark McConnell III, their grandson whom they raised since he was five years old, is approached by Rabbi Leibovitz, a family friend. The Rabbi invites himself back to Mark's family home where he has Mark open his grandfather's safe.

• Inside the safe, Mark finds a piece of Scottish tartan, a photograph of a young blonde woman, a note from Winston Churchill, and a Victoria Cross for Valor which, according to Rabbi Leibovitz, was awarded on the condition it never be worn in public and was, in fact, only awarded to two people outside of the British.

• Rabbi Leibovitz proceeds to tell Mark about his grandfather's actions during World War II, including why he received this metal and why it was not publicly known.

• At Oxford in the...

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