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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dave think Mapes kills Vidrine?
(a) Vidrine has an affair with Mapes's wife.
(b) Mapes thinks Vidrine is going to break and confess about the murder.
(c) Vidrine is blackmailing Mapes.
(d) Mapes owes Vidrine a lot of money.

2. Who is Tex?
(a) What Alafair names the golden retriever.
(b) Appaloosa pony.
(c) Dave's brother.
(d) The name Dave jokingly calls the doll he bought Alafair.

3. What does Dave do the day that Alafair stays home from school?
(a) Sleeps.
(b) Makes phone calls to lawyers.
(c) Works in the yard.
(d) Watches videos with Alafair.

4. What does Dave do about Alafair's schooling?
(a) He enrolls her in the local elementary public school.
(b) He is home schooling.
(c) He enrolls her in a small Catholic school.
(d) He enrolls her in local private boarding school where he can see her everyday.

5. To whom does the Sheriff suggest Dave go?
(a) DEA.
(b) Highway Patrol.
(c) FBI.
(d) CIA.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who speaks to Dave outside of Sally Dio's home?

2. What is Dixie Lee's job when Dave encounters him?

3. What does Dave say he will do for Dixie Lee?

4. Why were the charges dropped against Dixie Lee?

5. What does Dave have the bartender do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dave do to Vidrine and Mapes and do you think this is appropriate on his part?

2. What is Alafair's reaction to Dave's decision and do you think Dave handles the situation wisely?

3. What does Dave do to get himself thrown off Dio's property and is this a pattern of Dave's?

4. What do you think the package in Dave's mailbox means?

5. What evidence is there that Purcel is still on the wrong side of the law?

6. What happens to Dave the day after his encounter with Mapes and Vidrine and do you think he is a responsible parent in that incident?

7. Why is Dave moved in the jail and what does that say about Dave as a person?

8. How does Dixie Lee try to pressure Dave into helping him about the conversation Dixie Lee overhears?

9. What does Nygurski say Sally Dio is doing?

10. What does Dave find in his mailbox and what is the Sheriff's response to it?

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