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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interferes with Dixie Lee's success?
(a) Two more kids coming along.
(b) His vocal chords become harmed.
(c) A vindictive label company.
(d) Drugs and alcohol.

2. Why is Dave thrown out of Sally Dio's home?
(a) For insulting Cletus Purcel.
(b) For insulting Dio's father.
(c) For asking about Mapes.
(d) For asking about a murder from several years back.

3. Who was Sally Dio's father?
(a) The District Attorney in Galveston.
(b) An ex-Congressman from Texas.
(c) The District Attorney in New Orleans.
(d) One of the most powerful criminals in Galveston.

4. Why does Dave end up taking Alafair with him?
(a) He will miss her too much.
(b) He is afraid for her safety with anyone else.
(c) The place he had arranged became no longer available.
(d) She is too upset about his leaving.

5. What does Dave do with his daughter?
(a) Sends her to his mother's house.
(b) Takes her to his mother-in-law's.
(c) Watches movies on the VCR.
(d) Asks his sister to keep her for a few days.

6. What does Dave tell Dixie Lee a few days later?
(a) Dave wants to know more of the financial status of Dixie's company.
(b) Dave believes Dixie Lee is the murderer.
(c) Dave thinks he has a good lead and is heading to Montana.
(d) He cannot help him anymore.

7. Why does Dan Nygurski contact Dave?
(a) To find out what Dave knows about Dixie Lee and Sally.
(b) To give him some more info about his wife's death.
(c) They are old war buddies.
(d) Dave's adopted daughter is his niece.

8. Why does Purcel go to South America?
(a) He killed a government witness.
(b) He could live more cheaply there after retirement.
(c) He falls in love with a woman from Brazil.
(d) He was a missionary to an Amazon tribe.

9. How does Dixie Lee kill a child?
(a) He does not kill a child.
(b) By shaking it too hard.
(c) By not watching it and it drowns in the pool.
(d) Driving under the influence.

10. In what decade did Dixie Lee drop out of college?
(a) The 70s.
(b) The 60s.
(c) The 80s.
(d) The 50s.

11. Who does Dave call to tell he is in Montana and that he believes Dio has something to do with Mapes, Vidrine, and the murder they supposedly committed?
(a) The bail bondsman.
(b) Nygurski.
(c) The FBI.
(d) The prosecutor who initiated the charges against Dave.

12. Was anyone else injured in the fire?
(a) A young woman is killed.
(b) No.
(c) The pilot is killed.
(d) Several hotel guests are killed.

13. What does Dave do about Alafair's schooling?
(a) He is home schooling.
(b) He enrolls her in a small Catholic school.
(c) He enrolls her in local private boarding school where he can see her everyday.
(d) He enrolls her in the local elementary public school.

14. What surprises Dave?
(a) To see Purcel back in the States.
(b) That Purcel ignores Dave.
(c) That Dixie Lee actually gets off on the drug charge.
(d) That the CEO of Star Drilling is an old Army buddy.

15. What subject causes Hollister to threaten Dave?
(a) Dixie Lee's innocence.
(b) Hollister does not threaten Dave.
(c) Vidrine and Mapes.
(d) Dave's father's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dixie Lee overhear?

2. What is Dave's response to Dixie Lee's request?

3. What is Dixie Lee's job when Dave encounters him?

4. Who overhears Dave talking to the sheriff about the fire?

5. Why does Dave have to spend the night there?

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