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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sally plan to use the land Dixie Lee has been helping him purchase?
(a) To import and export illegal drugs.
(b) To grow cotton.
(c) To grow poppies.
(d) To farm peanuts.

2. Why does Dave decide to go to Montana?
(a) To investigate Dixie Lee.
(b) To get Alafair to a safe place.
(c) To investigate Dio.
(d) To find evidence to discredit Mapes.

3. In what decade did Dixie Lee drop out of college?
(a) The 70s.
(b) The 80s.
(c) The 50s.
(d) The 60s.

4. Why does Dixie Lee drop out of college?
(a) To become a rock and roll singer.
(b) He wanted to concentrate on getting to the Olympics.
(c) He had to marry his pregnant girlfriend.
(d) He flunked most of his classes.

5. Who is someone else who shares the cell with Dave?
(a) A man accused of stuffing a drunk homeless man into a dumpster just before the garbage truck arrives.
(b) A man who set fire to an apartment building for insurance not know there were six homeless people inside.
(c) A simple-minded black man accused of killing his infant son.
(d) A bank robber who accidentally kills his partner while robbing a bank.

6. Who arrives at the house as no surprise to Dave?
(a) Police.
(b) Dixie Lee.
(c) Purcel.
(d) Sally Dio.

7. Was anyone else injured in the fire?
(a) Several hotel guests are killed.
(b) No.
(c) The pilot is killed.
(d) A young woman is killed.

8. What does Dave decide to do despite saying he would do nothing?
(a) Goes out with a woman who he met on the Internet.
(b) Allows Dixie Lee to stay at Dave's house.
(c) Goes to Montana and investigate.
(d) Decides to speak to a representative of Star Drilling.

9. Why is Dixie Lee arrested?
(a) Cocaine is found in his car.
(b) Soliciting a prostitute.
(c) Money laundering.
(d) Buying more than an ounce of marijuana.

10. What effectively ends Dixie Lee's career?
(a) He is sued by the record label company.
(b) Prison time.
(c) His wife dies and he is too grieved to perform.
(d) His vocal chords never heal right.

11. Why were the charges dropped against Dixie Lee?
(a) Lack of evidence.
(b) Because of a high priced lawyer paid for by Sally Dio.
(c) Vidrine confesses to planting the drugs.
(d) Mapes confesses to planting the drugs.

12. What do a used hypodermic needle, a picture of a headless Vietnamese girl, and a letter threatening Alafair have in common?
(a) They were all in an envelope Dave finds in his mailbox on Monday.
(b) They are all components in a dream Dixie Lee has.
(c) They are not related.
(d) They are all components in a dream Dave has.

13. Who welcomes Dave into his home?
(a) Sally Dio.
(b) The town gossip.
(c) Cletus Purcel.
(d) The local DEA officer.

14. What does Dixie Lee say that Dio is doing with the land Dixie Lee arranges for him to buy?
(a) He's using it as a tax write-off.
(b) He has no idea.
(c) He's using it for an environmental project.
(d) It is a ranch and he's raising steers to sell.

15. What is Dixie Lee's job when Dave encounters him?
(a) A manager/agent for a band.
(b) A drill man for an oil company.
(c) A leaseman for an oil company.
(d) A car salesman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dave have the bartender do?

2. Why can the Sheriff do nothing about the letter?

3. How are Dixie Lee and Sally Dio connected?

4. What worries Dixie Lee?

5. What does the letter Dave receives tell him to do?

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