Black Cherry Blues Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What horrific event has happened not to long ago to Dave and how is he handling it?

Dave's wife is murdered not too long ago and he is trying to recover and to give his daughter, Alafair, some semblance of normalcy. Dave dreams about Anne and thinks about her in his waking hours, finding living with the murder near impossible.

2. Describe and evaluate the character, Dixie Lee.

Dixie Lee dropped out of college to become a rock and roll singer in the Fifties, finding some success before he fell into drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately Dixie Lee was involved in an accident while under the influence and a child was killed. Dixie Lee spent time in prison which effectively ended his career. Now Dixie Lee seems to still have a drinking problem as he is drinking even though it is early morning, despite his new job as a leaseman for an oil company. Dixie Lee may or may not be a good man; it's hard to tell, but one thing is certain--he, like so many other alcoholics probably has a lifelong problem with alcohol. The fact that Dixie Lee is drinking after having gone to prison for killing a child while DUI, is not a good sign of his ability to stay sober.

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