Black Cherry Blues Character Descriptions

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Dave Robicheaux

This character is an ex-cop who has his own business near his home in New Iberia, Louisiana.


This character is the six-year-old daughter of Dave and his wife, Anne.

Dixie Lee Pugh

This character is a classmate of Dave's for a short time in college and who drops out of college to become a rock star.

Dalton Vidrine and Harry Mapes

These characters are leasemen who work with Dixie Lee Pugh.

Cletus Purcel

This character was Dave's partner when he was a cop in New Orleans.

Dan Nygurski

This character is an agent with the DEA who visits Dave shortly after Dixie Lee's visit.

Darlene American Horse

This character is a widow who takes up with Cletus Purcel after she drives Dixie Lee back to Sally Dio's after a night of drinking.

Clayton Desmarteau

This character is an Indian activist who causes so much trouble...

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