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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Duchess in relation to Black Beauty?

2. How long had Black Beauty lived at Birtwik Park by Chapter 21?

3. How tall were Black Beauty and Ginger?

4. Who did Joe tell first about the stuck cart he saw in Chapter 20?

5. What phrase did the head hostler with the crooked leg say repeatedly?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Merrylegs see boys and girls differently, and why might that be?

2. How is the idea of fashion represented in Chapter 10?

3. What example of foreshadowing occurs in Chapter 24?

4. What advice did Black Beauty’s mother give him when he was young, which he never forgot?

5. How was Merrylegs the peacekeeper among the horses?

6. How did Joe’s actions in Chapter 20 show that he was a good fit to work for Squire Gordon?

7. What finally got Ginger to become a calm, happy, and content horse?

8. What role does communication play in Black Beauty’s life, as described in Chapter 6?

9. Ginger admitted to Black Beauty that she was bad to her past masters by kicking and biting. What was her reasoning for behaving this way?

10. How did Mr. Gordon interpret Black Beauty’s action in refusing to go forward onto the broken bridge in the storm?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many sacrifices were made for the sake of fashion throughout Black Beauty. Who was making the sacrifices? What sort of sacrifices were made? How did the humans feel about sacrificing for fashion? How did the horses feel about it?

Essay Topic 2

There are multiple examples of foreshadowing within Black Beauty. Select at least three examples of foreshadowing to describe when they occur and what they foreshadow. Did you guess what was being foreshadowed as you were reading, or did you only recognize the foreshadowing after the event being foreshadowed had occurred?

Essay Topic 3

Gender roles have change throughout history, but they are always there. What are the gender roles in Black Beauty’s time? Do any characters defy their gender role? If so, who and how?

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