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Broken Nose

It is when Bobby inflicts this injury on Frannie that she decides it is time to leave her husband before he kills her.

Family Pictures

Frannie Benedetto mails these to her sister, Grace, before she leaves New York in order to prevent her husband from using them to find her and her son.

Yankees Season Calendar

Beth Crenshaw wonders if it would make people suspicious if she hung this in her son's room like the one he had at home in Brooklyn.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

When Robert was little, Frannie would read this book to him.

Phone Bill

Beth Crenshaw calls Grace Flynn on Thanksgiving in a moment of weakness, causing Ms. Bancroft to chastise her for placing herself in danger of being found by Bobby Benedetto when she sees this.

Caller ID

Bobby has this relatively new technology at the...

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