Black and Blue Character Descriptions

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Elizabeth 'Beth' Crenshaw

She is a woman who reinvents herself in middle age, starting over in a small Florida town after living her entire life in New York City and its boroughs.

Frances Ann Flynn Benedetto

This character raises a sister because of the medical disability their father suffers and the multiple jobs their mother has to keep in order to provide for the family.

Robert Benedetto Crenshaw

This is a ten-year-old child who has lived a lifetime of violence at home.

Bobby Benedetto

A police officer in Brooklyn, New York, this character tries to make a good life but has a temper and is deeply jealous.

Grace Flynn

Due to many of the sacrifices made by an older sister, this character is able to get a college education and become a college professor.

Mike Riordan

This character is the gym teacher and vice principal of the school...

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