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Pages 3-22

• Frannie Benedetto is a middle-aged nurse who has been married to her first love, Bobby, for nearly twenty years.

• Bobby has been violent toward Frannie since the early days of their courtship and she has recently decided she needs to escape before he kills her.

• Bobby is a New York City police officer who uses the same type of intimidation on Frannie that he does with criminals.

• The first time Bobby hits Frannie is in the early days of their courtship and she reasons that it had been a singular event which would not likely happen again.
• Frannie and her ten-year-old son, Robert, are sitting at the Thirtieth Street Station in Philadelphia, having escaped their home that morning.

• Frannie has been told to wait here by Patty Bancroft, a woman she once met at the hospital where she worked as a nurse; this woman offers help...

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