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Achmat Dangor
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a subject Mikey is concerned with in his conversations with Kate.

2. How would Mikey describe the relationship between his parents?

3. Which of the following political leaders was inadvertently involved in Mikey's sister being sent away from home?

4. What color hue does Kate claim to see emanating from Mikey's navel?

5. As a child, what did Mikey want to be when he grew up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Silas follow Du Boise to the cafe?

2. Why does Alec become so outraged that he must leave his bedroom and make himself a cup of tea?

3. How does Mikey react to having to go to the hospital to visit with his mother?

4. What happened at a dinner party, which outraged Lydia so much that she never wanted Kate near Mikey again?

5. How does Mikey feel about reading his mother's diary?

6. What family arrives at Lydia's hospital bedside, and how do they get there?

7. How does Silas react to seeing Lydia's injuries after she steps on the broken glass?

8. How does Kate react to Mikey while she is staying with him?

9. When Silas returns from the hospital, where he attempted to pick up Lydia, what fears is he suddenly seized with?

10. How does the Ali family react to Silas's seizure?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Mireille is a minor character in this novel, she proves to be a symbol for many of the underlying themes. Briefly explain what happens to Mireille as a child, and why her story is symbolic of the family problems in the Ali family, and the disintegration the family is slowly enduring.

Essay Topic 2

The character of Vinu provides an interesting foil for the drama that Michael is enduring. Briefly describe Vinu's character and explain why Michael is so interested in her story of abuse. Then, explain how Michael exploits Vinu's personal history to promote his own agenda in the political world.

Essay Topic 3

Silas's fiftieth birthday party proves to be the moment when the entire Ali family realizes that their bonds have completely disintegrated. Explain the events of the night of Silas's birthday party, and the reactions that each family member, Silas, Lydia, and Mikey, has to each of these events, and how they know their family never will be the same again.

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