Bitter Fruit Short Essay - Answer Key

Achmat Dangor
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1. What unusual event happens when Silas is at the grocery store at the opening of the novel?

Silas recognizes an old man who is purchasing groceries. He watches as the man places each item on the conveyor belt. When the man turns, Silas recognizes his blue eyes, and decides to follow him.

2. Why does Silas follow Du Boise to the cafe?

Even though Silas was sent to purchase groceries for his wife, he becomes distracted when he recognizes Du Boise. He follows him to the cafe and confronts him, but Du Boise does not recognize him. When Silas hears this, he turns around and walks away.

3. How does Silas react to the news that Du Boise is back in town?

When he returns home, empty handed, from the grocery store, Silas grabs a six-pack of beer and heads for the park where he drinks each can, thinking. He falls asleep there and is woken up by his young son who reminds him that they have a family event to attend. Silas does not want to go because he does not want to have to tell his wife about seeing Du Boise.

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