Bitter Fruit Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Achmat Dangor
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• The story opens with a man named Silas Ali watching an old man with blue eyes purchase groceries at the store. He runs out after the man and asks if he is Lieutenant Du Boise. When the man responds that he is, and that he doesn't recognize Silas, Silas turns and walks away.

• Back at home, Silas ignores his wife, Lydia, and grabs a six-pack of beer, which he drinks in a nearby porch. He knows he will have to tell Lydia that he saw Lieutenant Du Boise at the store, but dreads it.

• Silas falls asleep in the park and is woken up by his son, Mikey, who tells him to get up. The family drives to Jackson and Mam Agnes's house where Silas decides to stay in the car.

• After the family visit, Silas tells Lydia that he has seen Du Boise, and it...

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