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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many men does Petey tell Meg he encountered that may be boarding with them?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 2.
(d) 5.

2. What does Stanley say two men coming in a van will have to take a person away in?
(a) A shovel.
(b) A wheelbarrow.
(c) A gun.
(d) An appetite.

3. What does Meg come into the scene carrying in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) An umbrella.
(b) A flower.
(c) A box.
(d) Her shopping.

4. Who does Goldberg say he and Petey were discussing in Act 2, Part 1?
(a) Goldberg's mother.
(b) Stanley.
(c) Goldberg's wife.
(d) Meg.

5. What reason does Stanley give for being anxious in regards to the new tenants in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) He doesn't want a crowd.
(b) He doesn't know why they chose that boardinghouse.
(c) He doesn't trust them.
(d) He knew them back in Ireland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sounds does Petey hear when Meg goes upstairs to retrieve Stanley in Act 1, Part 1?

2. What does McCann whistle in Act 2, Part 1?

3. Why does Meg say she wishes Stanley would play music for them that day when first meeting Goldberg and McCann?

4. What does Petey excuse himself to do at the end of Act 2, Part 1?

5. How does Stanley describe his second course of breakfast to Meg?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of Goldberg and Petey's discussion of Stanley's glasses in Act 3, Part 1?

2. Describe the interaction between Goldberg and Lulu in Act 3, Part 2.

3. What does Goldberg say to Meg regarding Stanley's birthday in Act 1, Part 2?

4. In what way do McCann and Goldberg say Stanley doesn't exist?

5. What does Meg say about breakfast at the beginning of Act 3, Part 1?

6. How does McCann react when Stanley says he's not the kind of man to cause trouble in Act 2, Part 1?

7. What does Meg tell the two gentlemen about Stanley during their first meeting?

8. Describe Stanley's actions with a drum at the end of Act 1, Part 2.

9. How are the lights described at the beginning of the birthday party?

10. Describe the conversation between McCann and Goldberg before they enter the boardinghouse at the beginning of Act 1, Part 2.

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