The Birthday Party Character Descriptions

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Stanley - This character often reacts violently and likes to recall his past to others.

Meg Boles - This character leads a mechanical routine and often shamelessly fishes for compliments.

Petey Boles - This character is dull, lacks ambition, and has settled into a humdrum existence.

Nat Goldberg - This character often interrogates and intimidates others but exudes superficial good will.

Lulu - This character is on the flirtatious side but is self-conscious about her sexuality.

Dermont McCann - This character exercises careful self control but also contributes to the sinister tone of the play.

Simey - This character flirts with women and tries to appear gentlemanly despite being violent to others.

Stanley Webber - This character is mysterious and slovenly, often exhibiting rude behavior to others in the play.

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