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Act 1, Part 1

• A man named Petey comes in, having been to get his morning paper, and sits and reads as his wife Meg fusses over him--bringing his breakfast and asking if there's anything good in the news.

• When Petey reads the birth announcement for a baby girl, she says that she would have preferred a boy.

• Meg asks whether things are "nice" (the corn flakes, the news in the paper, and the weather).

• Meg asks whether Petey has seen Stanley, and when Petey says he hasn't, she assumes he's still asleep.

• As he eats, Petey tells Meg he encountered two men the night before who wanted to know if there's room in the house; Meg says they must have heard it's a good boarding house and says she's got a "lovely" room they can have.

• As Meg gets ready to go wake up Stanley, Petey tells her there's...

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