Birdsong Character Descriptions

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Stephen Wraysford

He is the protagonist of the book who has an affair with the wife of a textile factory owner.

Elizabeth Benson

This person becomes interested in learning about her grandfather's life and the war and tries to decipher his journals.

Rene Azaire

He is a factory owner in Amiens, France, with whom Stephen resides while learning about the textile factory in Part 1.

Isabelle Azaire

After running away with her lover, this person learns she is pregnant.

Lisette Azaire

She is Rene's sixteen-year-old daughter from his first marriage.

Captain Michael Weir

He is the officer in charge of the tunnelers on the Front and Stephen's best friend during the war.

Jack Firebrace

When he gets stuck in a tunnel with Stephen near the end of the war, he tells Stephen about his son.

Jeanne Fourmentier

She is Isabelle's sister and confidante.


She is the daughter of...

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