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Section 1: France 1910, Part 1, pages 3-31

• On a late spring evening, at the home of the Azaires in Amiens, France, Stephen Wraysford readies himself for dinner where Mr. Azaire introduces him to Mme. Azaire and the children, Lisette and Gregoire.

• As they eat, Azaire asks Stephen what he knows about textiles, and Stephen explains that he deals mostly with financial matters and his boss wants him to understand more of the manufacturing process.

• Stephen listens as the family members talk about their day, and though he avoids catching Mme. Azaire's eye, he notices her beauty.

• After dinner, the Berards visit. Mr. Berard sings, and his eyes remain fixed on Mme.

• Azaire, the Berards, and Stephen play cards until the Berards leave when Stephen retires to his room to write in the notebook he has kept for five years.

• When Stephen hears a woman's voice, he sneaks through the house...

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