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Gerald Durrell
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Short Answer Questions

1. What unusual feature of Mrs. Haddock's speech did Mother immediately notice?

2. Why was Gerald excited to receive the Countess's invitation?

3. What did Gerald wear to his visit with the Countess?

4. How did the baby hedgehogs die?

5. Before Donald and Max leave the Durrells, what were they given to drink?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the bear's name? How did he respond to Gerald? What was Gerald's reaction to the bear?

2. Who was the Countess Mavrodaki? Why did she contact Gerald? What was Larry's reaction to her letter to Gerald?

3. Who was Demetrios-Mustapha? How did he get this name?

4. What did Gerald find in a field an old woman was cultivating? What did Gerald do with his find?

5. Who did Gerald meet one day during one of his excursions into the crepe myrtles? What unusual creature did this person have?

6. What did Donald want to read to Larry? What was Larry's response? What was Mother's response?

7. What kinds of food and drink did Gerald's luncheon with the Countess consist of? How did Gerald feel as he left the Countess' villa to go home?

8. What misadventure did Gerald have on his way to meet Countess Mavrodaki? How did he feel when he arrived at her house? What was her response to his misadventure on the way over?

9. What did Pru tell Mother about Margo's behavior in London? What were her concerns? How did Margo react to the concerns of her great aunts and mother?

10. What sound woke Larry in the middle of the night that caused him to wake the rest of the family? What did Gerald tell them all that explained things? What had caused the noise?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Before Chapter Four, Durrell has placed a quote from Professor Anstead, "Hospitality is, indeed, now no less than in classical times, a sacred duty in these islands, and it is a duty more conscientiously performed." How does this quote apply to the Durrell family? What are some examples of the hospitality they have offered to guests? What kinds of hospitality have been offered to them?

Essay Topic 2

This memoir covers a period of time in Durrell's life. The reader is given clues as to how old the characters are, the years in which they are on Corfu, and what part of the twentieth century the memoir takes place. Write in your own words a short biography of the Durrell family and include as much as you know about the time(s) in the memoir.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the importance of the chapter "Interlude for Spirits" to the memoir. Why did the author choose this title for the chapter? How does this chapter fit in with the rest of the memoir? Which characters are in the spotlight in this chapter and why?

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