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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Margo ask her mother to do with the cabbage she had brought with her to the hotel?
(a) Boil cabbage for her facial cream.
(b) Help her to make stuffed cabbage.
(c) Tie cabbage leaves to her face.
(d) Put cabbage leaves on her feet overnight.

2. To what did Countess Mavrodaki invite Gerald to be her guest?
(a) For dinner the following Friday,
(b) For lunch the following Friday.
(c) For lunch the following Wednesday.
(d) For dinner the following week.

3. What special gift did the owner of the press give to Gerald in return for some of the local gossip?
(a) A job at the press.
(b) A spade-footed toad.
(c) A barrel of residue from the press.
(d) A quart of olive oil.

4. What was Pavlo's special talent?
(a) He could speak five languages.
(b) He could dance with the gypsy.
(c) He could run faster than anyone else in the town.
(d) He could jump through a hoop.

5. Why did Captain Creech show up at the Durrell house?
(a) He was invited by Theo.
(b) He heard about Gerald's collection of creatures.
(c) He was invited by Mother.
(d) He was invited by Larrry.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Gerald's family react when he walked into the drawing room the afternoon he had met the gypsy?

2. How did Donald and Max get home after their visit to the Durrell's home?

3. Why was Gerald excited to receive the Countess's invitation?

4. What did Theodore and Gerald see out in the water while Captain Creech was visiting?

5. What kind of trees lined the path to Countess Mavrodaki's villa?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened when Gerald arrived home after his visit with Pavlo and the gypsy?

2. Who did Gerald meet one day during one of his excursions into the crepe myrtles? What unusual creature did this person have?

3. What unusual method did Donald and Max have for leaving the villa on the night of their visit? What happened as they left?

4. What did Gerald do with his owl when he got home? What name did he give his owl? Where did he place the owl once he had tended to him?

5. What did Gerald observe about the women and the machinery of pressing olives?

6. Who did Gerald entrust to care for his baby hedgehogs while he was gone for the weekend with his mother? What condition were they in when he returned?

7. What did Donald want to read to Larry? What was Larry's response? What was Mother's response?

8. Who arrived at the house in the middle of the night? Where did they come from and why did they come to the villa? How did the family react to their arrival?

9. What kinds of food and drink did Gerald's luncheon with the Countess consist of? How did Gerald feel as he left the Countess' villa to go home?

10. Who was the Countess Mavrodaki? Why did she contact Gerald? What was Larry's reaction to her letter to Gerald?

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