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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other animal had Gerald dissected before the turtle?
(a) A seahorse.
(b) A terrapin.
(c) An octopus.
(d) A cuttlefish.

2. What was "Bootle-bumtrinket?"
(a) The name of Gerald's boat.
(b) The name of one of his dogs.
(c) The name of Kokino's boat.
(d) The name of his turtle.

3. Why was Gerald interested in the villa's garden?
(a) It was planted with parrellel rows of flowers.
(b) It was overrun with vegetation and full of insects.
(c) It was perfectly groomed and filled with flowers.
(d) It was a barren plot of land waiting to be planted.

4. What did Taki say to Gerald as he left the boat at the end of Chapter Two?
(a) "Pasto calo."
(b) "See you later."
(c) "Hasta manana."
(d) "Thanks for coming."

5. What was the narrator's name in Greek?
(a) Gerrund.
(b) Geraldo.
(c) Gervaise.
(d) Gerasimos.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Kokino?

2. What unusual thing did Gerald learn about seahorses once the babies were born?

3. About what book did the Darrell family begin speaking during their meeting?

4. Who was Roger?

5. How did Larry react to Theodore's information about the snails Gerald had seen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Kokino? What does Kokino mean in Greek? What did Kokino and Gerald do together?

2. What was the set pattern Theo and Gerald had established for their excursions? What was the first thing they did when settling into a new spot?

3. Who was Sven? How did he come upon the Durrell family? What was Sven's unusual talent that drove the family crazy? What did Gerald learn Sven had in common with him?

4. What creature did Gerald discover on an afternoon trek to the lake alone? Why was this creature especially important to Gerald? What was unique about this creature?

5. What did Gerald bring with him for his nighttime fishing expedition? What did he do with his treasures before returning home? What did Taki give Gerald to appease Mother for the late hour of Gerald's return?

6. Who did Mother hire to be Gerald's tutor? How did the two initially get along? What did his tutor do that changed Gerald's perspective on learning?

7. What did Gerald do with the crab he and Roger discovered on one of their walks? What did Gerald find fascinating about the crab that led him to further exploration?

8. Where did Taki take Gerald to catch fish? What unusual method did Taki use to catch fish? What strange fish did Taki catch that fascinated Gerald? What did Gerald learn about the fish Taki caught?

9. What dead creature did Gerald load onto his boat and bring home from the bay? What did he do with it upon coming home? How did the family react to his newest creature?

10. What did Gerald and Theo discover on their excursion to the lake? Why was this discovery exciting for Gerald?

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