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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mother go into the kitchen to make for Captain Creech to have with tea?
(a) Scones.
(b) A tray of cheeses.
(c) Small sandwiches.
(d) Cookies.

2. Where did Mother and Gerald stay when they arrived to see Margo?
(a) At a fancy hotel.
(b) At the Balaklave Mansions.
(c) At a bed and breakfast.
(d) Wtih Fan and Prue.

3. Why did Margo and Larry implore Donald and Max to be quiet?
(a) Mother might awaken and call the police.
(b) Gerald was asleep.
(c) The neighbors might awaken and call the police.
(d) Mother was sick and sleeping.

4. What did Mother carry into the living room when she came to investigate the commotion there?
(a) Her Chijuajua, Dodo.
(b) Her Dandie Dinmont terrier, Dodo.
(c) Her Dashund, Dodo.
(d) Her Bedlington terrier, Dodo.

5. What happened during the seance that startled Prue and made her scream?
(a) She heard Mawake's voice.
(b) A bug ran down the back of her dress.
(c) A cat jumped in her lap.
(d) Margo squeezed her hand too tightly.

6. What did Fan and Prue explain to Mother and Gerald they were breeding for profit?
(a) Dalmation puppies.
(b) Bedlington puppies.
(c) Collie puppies.
(d) Daschund puppies.

7. Who are Fan and Prudence?
(a) Mother's best friends.
(b) Mother's sister and neice.
(c) Mother's sisters.
(d) Mother's cousin and her mother.

8. How did Donald and Max get home after their visit to the Durrell's home?
(a) They called for a cab to pick them up.
(b) They walked to the rode and hitched a ride.
(c) They stole the cab parked out front of the villa.
(d) The cab driver offered to take them home.

9. When did Gerald and his family move to a new villa?
(a) In the winter.
(b) In the spring.
(c) In the fall.
(d) In the summer.

10. What song were Donald and Max singing as they approached the Durrell home?
(a) "Maid of the Mountain."
(b) "Roxanne."
(c) "The Sound of Music."
(d) "The Bear Climbed Over the Mountain."

11. What name does the Countess tell Gerald to call her during their visit?
(a) Madaline.
(b) Melanie.
(c) Matilda.
(d) Martha.

12. While Roger and Gerald were watching a red fox cub, what did they see the cub find?
(a) A hedgehog.
(b) A snake.
(c) A tortoise.
(d) A rat.

13. Who offered to take care of the baby hedgehogs while Gerald and his mother were gone for the weekend?
(a) Lucritia.
(b) Margo.
(c) Spiro.
(d) Leslie.

14. What did the Countess and Demetrios serve for the main course of the meal?
(a) Ostrich.
(b) Escargo.
(c) Shrimp scampi.
(d) Wild boar.

15. What did Gerald receive in the mail at the beginning of winter in Corfu?
(a) A letter from a friend of Dr. Stephanides.
(b) A letter from the Greek government.
(c) A letter from a naturalist.
(d) A letter from his Aunt Pru.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Gerald plan to feed the baby hedgehogs?

2. What is a carrochino?

3. Who attended the seance with Mrs. Haddock?

4. What happened to Gerald on his way to the Countess's house for their meeting?

5. What treat did the owner of the press cook over an open flame for himself and Gerald?

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