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Gerald Durrell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fish did Taki and Gerald see lying on the shore during their fishing trip?
(a) A trout.
(b) A grupper.
(c) A scorpios.
(d) A snapper.

2. What was the Greek name for Mouse Island?
(a) Predsittki.
(b) Ponderosa.
(c) Pondikonissi.
(d) Philemon.

3. What was the second catch of the fishing expedition for Taki?
(a) A sea horse.
(b) An octopus.
(c) A trout.
(d) A red snapper.

4. What did Taki say to Gerald as he left the boat at the end of Chapter Two?
(a) "Pasto calo."
(b) "See you later."
(c) "Thanks for coming."
(d) "Hasta manana."

5. How did Larry react to Theodore's information about the snails Gerald had seen?
(a) He was angry.
(b) He was disgusted.
(c) He was jealous.
(d) He was bored.

6. What was "Bootle-bumtrinket?"
(a) The name of his turtle.
(b) The name of one of his dogs.
(c) The name of Gerald's boat.
(d) The name of Kokino's boat.

7. What happened when Gerald punctured the turtle's stomach?
(a) The turtle had sand and small fish in its stomach.
(b) A noxious gas was emitted into the air.
(c) The stomach was empty.
(d) He was able to see what the turtle had last eaten.

8. How did the water-spider Gerald caught decide where to build her home?
(a) By walking back and forth repeatedly.
(b) By sitting motionless in a corner.
(c) By running back and forth below the surface of the water.
(d) By walking slowly around the water's edge.

9. Who was George?
(a) The narrator's tutor.
(b) The narrator's gardener.
(c) The narrator's dog.
(d) The narrator's father.

10. When did Larry learn all about donkeys?
(a) When he was in India, he rode on ponies.
(b) When he was in Africa, he rode on donkeys.
(c) When he was in Australia, he rode on donkeys.
(d) When he was in Spain, he rode on ponies.

11. Whose wedding did Gerald and his family attend?
(a) Katherine's.
(b) Margo's.
(c) Maria's.
(d) Katerina's.

12. What did Crippenopoulos accuse Roger of doing?
(a) Stealing his turkeys.
(b) Killing his cat.
(c) Eating five of his turkeys.
(d) Destroying his chicken coop.

13. About what book did the Darrell family begin speaking during their meeting?
(a) "Pets and My Family."
(b) "My Family and Smarter Animals."
(c) "My Family and Other Animals."
(d) Strange Animals I Have Known."

14. Which creature was most interesting to the narrator when he first settles into his new residence?
(a) The carpenter bees.
(b) The hawk moth.
(c) The hummingbird.
(d) The dung beetle.

15. What other animal had Gerald dissected before the turtle?
(a) A seahorse.
(b) A cuttlefish.
(c) An octopus.
(d) A terrapin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did China-mark moths get their name?

2. What did Larry tell Gerald to do if he wanted to go faster while riding on his donkey?

3. What time did Taki usually begin fishing?

4. How did the judge rule on the case between Crippenopoulos and Leslie?

5. What did earlier naturalists call the rotifer?

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