Birds, Beasts, and Relatives Short Essay - Answer Key

Gerald Durrell
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1. Who is the narrator of the story? What do we learn about him in the opening "Conversations?" Where is his home?

The narrator is Gerald Darrell, an author. We meet him as he is discussing with his family his plans to write another book about growing up as part of the family. The previous book is one of stories and anecdotes about his family. He and his family are originally from London.

2. Why did the narrator, Gerald, and his family go to Greece? Where in Greece did they settle? What details did the narrator give about their 'home away from home'?

Gerald and his family moved to Greece to escape the dark winter life in London. They settled in Corfu in a villa near the sea that was surrounded by an olive grove. There was an untended garden, and the plot was surrounded by a hedge of thick fuchsias. The villa was strawberry pink with green shutters, and was unusual in that the it had a bathroom.

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