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Gerald Durrell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Gerald interested in the villa's garden?
(a) It was perfectly groomed and filled with flowers.
(b) It was overrun with vegetation and full of insects.
(c) It was a barren plot of land waiting to be planted.
(d) It was planted with parrellel rows of flowers.

2. What is the time of the year in the beginning of the story when the Darrell family members are meeting?
(a) The winter.
(b) The spring.
(c) The fall.
(d) The summer.

3. What did Margo do daily to combat her acne?
(a) Salt bathe.
(b) Sea bathe.
(c) Steam bathe.
(d) Sun bathe.

4. What was the narrator's name in Greek?
(a) Gerrund.
(b) Gervaise.
(c) Geraldo.
(d) Gerasimos.

5. What was the second catch of the fishing expedition for Taki?
(a) An octopus.
(b) A sea horse.
(c) A red snapper.
(d) A trout.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fish did Taki and Gerald see lying on the shore during their fishing trip?

2. What did fishermen use to calm the waters around their small boats?

3. In what month did the Darrell family arrive in Corfu?

4. Who was Spiro?

5. What time did Taki usually begin fishing?

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