Daily Lessons for Teaching Birds, Beasts, and Relatives

Gerald Durrell
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Lesson 1 (from Conversations and Chapter One)


Conversations and Chapter One

The character of Theodore Stephanides is a very important one in the story, as he is both teacher and mentor to Gerald through much of his life. The objective of the lesson is to examine Theo and his influence on Gerald's life and his love of nature.


1) Class discussion: How does Gerald meet Theodore Stephanides? What does he tell us about the man? How old is he, and how does he appear? Is he accepted into the Durrell family immediately? What are Mother's concerns?

2) Group discussion: Gerald is the youngest child in the family, has interests that are unique unto himself, and spends a great deal of time by himself outdoors looking at animal life. What do Theo and Gerald discuss at their first meeting? On what level do the two connect? What things is Theo able to offer Gerald that...

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