Birds, Beasts, and Relatives Fun Activities

Gerald Durrell
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Bug Book

Create a book in which some of the creatures Gerald discovers on the island are described. Include drawings or photographs of the ones you choose, and cite any outside sources you use.


With a map of Corfu, find some of the places Gerald speaks of in his book. Where might the villa be? The olive groves? The bay?


To whom does the author dedicate his book? What other things can you find about this person on the internet? Based on what you find, write a new dedication that tells something about the person.

Larry Durrell

Who is Larry Durrell? What are some of the books he has written? When did he die? Write a short biography of Larry Durrell.


Research the bear followed that Gerald home. Where did the bear originally come from? What did the bear look like? Are bears indigenous to...

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