Birds, Beasts, and Relatives Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Gerald Durrell
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Essay Topic 1

The opening chapter, "Conversations" gives the reader important information about the Durrell family and the chapters to come. Who is introduced in this first chapter, and what is the "conversation" about? How does this chapter relate to the rest of the book?

Essay Topic 2

This memoir covers a period of time in Durrell's life. The reader is given clues as to how old the characters are, the years in which they are on Corfu, and what part of the twentieth century the memoir takes place. Write in your own words a short biography of the Durrell family and include as much as you know about the time(s) in the memoir.

Essay Topic 3

Based on all of the information provided in both narrative and dialogue, what are some of the characteristics of the author when he was a child? For example, how did he adjust to...

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