Birds, Beasts, and Relatives Character Descriptions

Gerald Durrell
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Gerald Durrell

This was the young boy, through whose eyes the book was written, who loved nature.

Mrs. Louise Durrell

This was the mother of the family who remained calm throughout the adventures of her children.


This was the adolescent sibling in the family who struggled with acne and weight problems.


This was the oldest child in the family, a writer and the head of the family.


This was one of the younger brothers in the family whose interests centered around ammunition and boats.


This was the first person the family met who was said to be able to get anything, and the person who found them their villa.


This was the first tutor hired to work with the narrator.

Dr. Theodore Stephanides

This was the man who had the greatest influence on the narrator and served as his mentor.

Sven Olson


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