Birds, Beasts, and Relatives Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gerald Durrell
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Conversations and Chapter One

• The story opens with a conversation that occurs during a reunion of the narrator, Gerald Darrell, and his family.

• The narrator announces he is planning on writing a new book about the family's time in Greece.

• Everyone objects to the stories in the narrator's last book, and asks that he not write another.

• This only encourages Darrell to write the next book.

• The first chapter opens with a description of the Greek island where he and his family go to stay, Corfu.

• His family consists of his two brothers Larry and Leslie, his sister Margo, and their mother.

• They make friends with their taxi driver, Spiro, who can find everything the family needs.
• The first thing Spiro finds is a villa in which the family lives, one which has indoor plumbing.

• The Darrells settle into their new home in different ways.

• Larry walks about...

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