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Rita Murphy
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many pieces of paper are in the walls that Miranda always thought had been Wysteria's manner of insulating the room in Chapter 12?

2. What does Dr. Mead do to Miranda in Chapter 12?

3. In Chapter 11, Farley mentions that he will likely not go back where?

4. What is in the bottle Miranda has found in Chapter 12?

5. Who do the hounds return along with in the end of Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Miranda react to Farley's return in Chapter 10?

2. Who does Dr. Mead send to check in on Miranda in Chapter 9? Why won't she enter the house?

3. What does Farley reveal about his future and plans in Chapter 11? How does Miranda react?

4. How does Miranda take flight in Chapter 11?

5. How does Dr. Mead enter the Manor in Chapter 12? What is his objective there?

6. What does Dr. Mead say about Captain Barrows' marriage in Chapter 8?

7. What does Miss Moreland reveal about the history of Bourne Manor and Dr. Mead in Chapter 9?

8. What surprise does Farley introduce to Miranda in Chapter 11?

9. How does Dr. Mead's demeanor at the Manor change in Chapter 8? What does he learn of Miranda?

10. What is Miranda's time alone at the Manor like in the beginning of Chapter 9?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Miranda's exchange with the boys in Chapter 7. What does Miranda learn about Bourne Manor from them, and how much weight does she give this information?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss Miranda's journey from the Manor in Chapter 7. What drives Miranda to leave?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Miranda as the protagonist of the novel. What heroic or noble characteristics does Miranda exhibit in the novel's beginning?

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