Bird Short Essay - Answer Key

Rita Murphy
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1. How is the protagonist of the novel introduced in Chapter 1? Where is she taken and by whom?

The main character, a small, wispy bird-like girl named Miranda, is picked up by Wysteria Barrows, a woman who lives in a large mansion known as Bourne Manor. Wysteria did not care where the bird had come from but only that she stay with her on Lake Champlain.

2. When does Miranda arrive at her new surroundings in Chapter 1? What does she remark about the estate?

Miranda arrives at Bourne Manor in February, after being knocked hard by a gust of wind, tangled in an elm, remembering only faceless relatives before she was removed by two of Wysteria's dogs. Miranda finds Bourne Manor enormous, four stories high with two balconies. It has twenty-two rooms.

3. What is Miranda's room like at the estate? How does she describe the setting of the Manor in Chapter 1?

Miranda has a grand room all to herself. But the Manor itself is lonely, set apart from many other houses on the shore of Lake Champlain. Some have said it was cursed, as it was built from ill-gotten riches generations before. The Manor invites lost spirits, including Miranda.

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