Objects & Places from Bird

Rita Murphy
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Bourne Manor

This is the cursed estate where Miranda and Wysteria live.

The Captain's Study

This is the room that Miranda discovers in the house where the Captain's secrets are hidden.

Lake Champlain

This is the body of water on which the estate is located and which Miranda wishes to fly over.

St. Elias

This is the hospital where Dr. Mead takes Wysteria to recover.

Fishing Nets

One of Miranda's jobs at the estate is to repair these objects.

Red Dragon

This is the kite of Captain Barrows's which Miranda flew and lost to Farley.

The Great Heron

This is the large kite composed of smaller kites that Captain Barrows designed.

The Barrows's Fortune

This is what is composed within Captain Barrows's kites.

The Lantern

One of Miranda's duties at the estate is to tend this object each night.

Miranda's Shoes

These are objects that Wysteria gives Miranda...

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