Bird Character Descriptions

Rita Murphy
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This is the protagonist of Bird and the character from whose perspective the story is told.

Wysteria Barrows

This character is the antagonist of Bird and is the owner of Bourne Manor.


This character is a young Irish boy who helps the protagonist to rediscover her nature.

Captain Lawrence Barrows

This character, who has passed away prior to the action of the novel, was a romantic and traveler.

Dr. Mead

This character is obsessed with finding the lost riches of Bourne Manor which had once been owned by his family.

Miss Moreland

This character is a nurse who fears the curse of Bourne Manor.

The Hounds

These are four beasts which the protagonist tends to and befriends.

The Townspeople

These characters as a whole believe that the Manor is cursed.


These characters often pass through the harbor over which Bourne Manor stands, and do business...

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