Bird Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rita Murphy
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Chapters 1 & 2

• The main character, a small, wispy bird-like girl named Miranda, is picked up by Wysteria Barrows, a woman who lives in a large mansion known as Bourne Manor.

• Miranda comes to Bourne Manor in February, after being knocked hard by a gust of wind before she was removed by two of Wysteria's dogs from a tree.

• Miranda finds Bourne Manor enormous: four stories high with two balconies and twenty-two rooms.
• From an early age, Miranda can spin and make lace, and Wysteria helps her learn to craft nets and her fingers easily learn the trade.

• This means mending nets for the fishing fleet out of St. Albans, which is how Wysteria makes her living.

• Miranda is allowed outside the Manor during her stay at the Manor but she has to wear boots with a steel plate in each sole so she will not fly away or be...

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