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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne say has cosmic importance?
(a) Learning to write good plot treatments.
(b) Learning to squash all feelings of jealousy.
(c) Taking all the classes she has to offer.
(d) Learning to be a giver.

2. Why does Anne say we are to tell the truth and write in our own voice?
(a) Because it is our nature.
(b) You do not want a libel suit on your hands.
(c) Because it says so in the writer's manual.
(d) If you write using someone elses voice, they will be jealous.

3. What does Anne suggest you do when your mind starts to wander again and again?
(a) Take another nap.
(b) Call a friend again.
(c) Blast heavy-metal music again.
(d) Gently bring your mind back to your work.

4. Whose work does Anne love to read when it comes out, but regrets that her students start writing like that author?
(a) Isabel Allende.
(b) Arthur C. Clarke.
(c) Dr. Suess.
(d) Gore Vidal.

5. What did Anne have after a full day of calling around?
(a) Nothing, no one had any material for her that was useful.
(b) A description of chardonnay wine.
(c) A description of vineyards.
(d) A description of how to train grapevines.

6. What is the way to the truth, your truth, according to Anne?
(a) Writing as someone else would.
(b) Endure time alone with your thoguhts.
(c) To go through your anger, damage, and grief.
(d) Meditation and expensive therapy.

7. How does Anne write at times when she is stuck?
(a) She writes in first person.
(b) She does not write at all, but goes to the beach instead.
(c) As if she was dying tomorrow.
(d) As if she will live forever.

8. What does Anne say that unpublished writers need?
(a) Attention and honesty.
(b) Lots of material on index cards.
(c) To be ripped apart for their awful work.
(d) A good plot treatment.

9. Where does Anne say a moral position begins?
(a) In the plot treatment.
(b) In a bad first draft.
(c) In the heart of a character.
(d) In a proper set design.

10. What is publication like for Anne?
(a) A joyous event and all her self-doubt is erased.
(b) It is really uneventful, no one notices or comments.
(c) Her phone rings off the hook with friends and publishers calling her.
(d) The last few weeks of pregnancy and the first day of seventh-day PE class.

11. What joy has Anne found in publication?
(a) Knowing that more book offers are on the way.
(b) Realizing that work is over and she can move on now.
(c) Knowing that she is doing what she loves best.
(d) The money.

12. From what assignment did Anne end up writing a letter to her son?
(a) Essay about San Francisco.
(b) Essay about being a life-long Giants fan.
(c) Essay about baseball.
(d) There was no assignment, she just wanted to write a letter to her son.

13. What are two good reasons cited by Anne for calling around?
(a) It keeps you from being bored, and you can double-bill your agent.
(b) People enjoy talking about what they know, and it keeps you from being bored.
(c) People enjoy talking about what they know, and you can consider it.
(d) You can consider it work and double-bill your agent.

14. What soothes and heals Anne when she is paranoid, jealous, or upset for any reason?
(a) Going to the beach.
(b) Calling around.
(c) Writing.
(d) Asprin and a nap.

15. What is the name of the wire that covers all champagne corks?
(a) Wire thingy.
(b) Wire.
(c) Cork holder.
(d) Wire hood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Secretly, why do some people attend Anne's writing class?

2. What does Anne say the single greatest obstacle is to listening to your broccoli?

3. Anne does not agree with the word "block," which suggests something is constipated or stuck. How does she describe 'writer's block'?

4. What kind of feedback do the two people that read Anne's drafts give her?

5. What is libel?

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