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Anne Lamott
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other writing skill did Anne use to write her letter to Sam?
(a) Calling around.
(b) One-inch picture frame.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) School lunches.

2. What is the best way to quiet KFKD?
(a) Blast heavy-metal music.
(b) Realize it is on, have a writing ritual, and breathe.
(c) Earplugs.
(d) Call a friend.

3. What does Anne state is the most degrading occupational hazard of being a writer?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Unruly characters.
(c) Paranoia.
(d) KFKD.

4. What does Anne determine needs to be at the center of your stories?
(a) A good climax.
(b) A beautiful set design.
(c) Grape jelly, raspberry has too many seeds.
(d) Something you care passionately about.

5. Why did we lose access to our broccoli?
(a) We got lazy.
(b) Grown-ups corrected, ridiculed, or punished us for our words.
(c) Writer's block.
(d) Dr. Suess took it away.

6. Where does Anne say a moral position begins?
(a) In the heart of a character.
(b) In a proper set design.
(c) In a bad first draft.
(d) In the plot treatment.

7. How does Anne write at times when she is stuck?
(a) She does not write at all, but goes to the beach instead.
(b) As if she was dying tomorrow.
(c) As if she will live forever.
(d) She writes in first person.

8. Where does Anne keep her index cards?
(a) Everywhere.
(b) In a nice stack on her desk.
(c) In her purse.
(d) In her pocket and in her car.

9. What does Anne say has cosmic importance?
(a) Learning to be a giver.
(b) Taking all the classes she has to offer.
(c) Learning to squash all feelings of jealousy.
(d) Learning to write good plot treatments.

10. What is Henry James' classic line about a writer looking for his glasses which were atop his head?
(a) "A writer is someone who has lots to loose."
(b) "A writer is someone who looses lots."
(c) "A writer is someone on whom nothing is lost."
(d) "A writer always needs to wear his glasses."

11. What does Anne suggest you do when your mind starts to wander again and again?
(a) Gently bring your mind back to your work.
(b) Blast heavy-metal music again.
(c) Call a friend again.
(d) Take another nap.

12. What did Anne use to entertain her son, Sam, while he was in the emergency room?
(a) A stethoscope.
(b) Index cards and tongue depressors.
(c) Finger puppets.
(d) Readings from her favorite book.

13. Where did Anne get the idea to use broccoli as her intuition?
(a) The fourteenth Dalai Lama.
(b) Samuel Goldwyn.
(c) Mel Brooks.
(d) Dr. Suess.

14. According to Anne, your unconscious cannot work when this is going on.
(a) When you cannot get a particular song out of your head.
(b) When you are jealous.
(c) When you are breathing down its neck.
(d) When KFKD is on.

15. Why does Anne state that writing matters?
(a) To heal the writer and get published.
(b) Only to heal the writer.
(c) Because you can affect the heart and spirit of the reader.
(d) Because you can get published.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the myth of publication, according to Anne?

2. Anne does not agree with the word "block," which suggests something is constipated or stuck. How does she describe 'writer's block'?

3. What are bound galleys?

4. What voice does Anne say is the real and true voice of a writer?

5. What is the way to the truth, your truth, according to Anne?

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