Objects & Places from Bird by Bird

Anne Lamott
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The first and most important object, in that they form Anne's love of writing, and feed her obsession with writing and writing well.

Index Cards

This object is used to record moments, ideas, and details. This record provides the material from which Anne is able to write.

One Inch Picture Frame

This object is the best example of short assignments and focusing on one detail in the Polaroid.

Writing Desk

The location in which the writer commits to engaging in the daily grind.

Catcher In the Rye

This is the first book Anne read, in which she discovered a voice speaking through the pages.

Chariots of Fire

This movie is the first Anne uses to describe the giftedness of writing within all those driven to write.

Anne's House

The location, often alluded to in the writing as cluttered, where the main character both captures life experiences and...

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