Daily Lessons for Teaching Bird Box

Josh Malerman
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


The objective of this lesson is to analyze how Malerman uses descriptions of the senses to convey the dangers of Malorie's journey with the children. The limitation of sight allows Malerman to build suspense and portray the setting using dramatic descriptions of Malorie's thoughts and her perceptions using others of the five senses.


Class Discussion: What natural dangers do we typically associate with the outdoors? How is Malorie's danger exacerbated? How do we typically identify our paths in the woods? How does Malorie identify her path?

Group Activity: Draw three columns on the board, labeling them "sight" "sound" and "touch" Have students locate descriptive language used by Malerman in Chapters 1 and 3, and assign each of these textual citations to the appropriate to each column. Discuss the distribution of these descriptions of senses. Are there others outside of these three primary categories? How do these descriptions...

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