Bird Box Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Josh Malerman
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Chapters 1-5

The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Malerman, Josh. Bird Box. Ecco, 2014.

• Malorie’s children are asleep, and Malorie reflects that she has been raising them indoors for four years, never to know the outside world. They have lived blindfolded while outside, and otherwise indoors.

• She wonders to herself whether she is preserving them for a life not worth living.

• Malorie wakes up “Boy” and “Girl,” which she calls her children.

• They are protected from seeing the outside world by a cloth held up by chicken wire.

• Malorie tells her children they are going to the river, where she will blindly pilot a boat and have the children, blindfolded like her, use their ears to help her steer.

• Malorie has told the children that a day would come when she would awaken them to go on a trip, which she...

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