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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Toomey confine to the barracks for the weekend?

2. How does Eugene feel about the army?

3. What does Eugene ask Epstein?

4. Where does Toomey say the march will be?

5. What does Epstein say that Eugene is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Toomey want from the soldiers?

2. Why is everyone surprised about what Eugene has written about them?

3. What does it show about Carney's character that he talks to Eugene about what Eugene wrote?

4. Who does Eugene talk to at the end of the scene, and why?

5. What does Eugene say when Wykowski asks if he means what he wrote?

6. How does Eugene's notebook describe Epstein?

7. How do the other soldiers react when Toomey obeys his punishment?

8. What is Toomey's strategy for punishing Eugene for his answers?

9. What happens when Toomey asks the guilty person to come forward?

10. What does Hennessey do when he tries to defend Epstein and Eugene?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The play BILOXI BLUES is about soldiers during wartime, but little is actually seen of the war. Discuss the role of war in the novel.

1) Why does the play show Eugene's experience before shipping overseas, and then end with his retelling of events during the war, but not show the war itself?

2) How real does the war seem to the soldiers in boot camp?

3) What affect does the existence of the war, which the soldiers will soon have to become a part of, have on their decisions and attitudes?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss humor in the play.

1) How do the characters use humor in their interactions? How do they use humor as insults? How does humor form part of their friendship?

2) In what ways does the author use humor in the play? How does the author combine serious issues such as prejudice and war with humor?

Essay Topic 3

BILOXI BLUES is a story of soldiers in boot camp, and so it is a primarily male story. However, there are two significant female characters, and women play an important role in the soldiers' lives. Discuss the play's portrayal of women.

1) Compare Rowena to Daisy. What aspects of womanhood do they represent?

2) Why does Eugene fall for Daisy? What characteristics does he admire in her?

3) Are the portrayals of women in the play realistic? Are the women well-developed characters? How do the soldiers view women?

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