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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who goes to see the prostitute after Wykowski?
(a) Carney.
(b) Hennessey.
(c) Selridge.
(d) Eugene.

2. Where does Toomey say the march will be?
(a) Around the town.
(b) Through the woods.
(c) Through the marshes and swamps.
(d) Around the lake.

3. Why did Hennesey get assigned to the duty he's on?
(a) For being AWOL.
(b) For being last to finish cleaning his weapon.
(c) For not finishing his food.
(d) For talking back to an officer.

4. What grade does the judge give Carney for his fantasy?
(a) C.
(b) A.
(c) B.
(d) D.

5. How many sex positions does Selridge say there are?
(a) Nine.
(b) Seventeen.
(c) Thirty.
(d) One.

6. Who does Toomey confine to the barracks for the weekend?
(a) Epstein.
(b) Eugene.
(c) Carney.
(d) Hennessey.

7. What does Donald's sister look like?
(a) She's very attractive.
(b) She's very short and stout.
(c) She's very tall and skeletal.
(d) She's ugly.

8. Does Eugene have sex with the prostitute?
(a) No, and he lies to his friends.
(b) No, and he tells his friends he couldn't do it.
(c) Yes, and he takes longer than any of his friends.
(d) Yes, but it lasts just a moment.

9. Where does Eugene tell the prostitute he's from?
(a) Texarkana, Texas.
(b) Memphis, Tennessee.
(c) Shreveport, Louisiana.
(d) Lawton, Oklahoma.

10. What does Eugene ask Epstein?
(a) Why he has to do everything the hard way.
(b) Why he has a death wish.
(c) Why he thinks he's better than everyone.
(d) Why he thinks he can survive in the army.

11. Who takes the bunk Eugene wants?
(a) Roy.
(b) Donald.
(c) Arnold.
(d) Joseph.

12. What do the soldiers discuss as they prepare for their 2-day pass?
(a) How much food they can eat.
(b) How many clubs they can go to.
(c) How much liquor they can drink.
(d) How many women they can sleep with.

13. What year is the play set in?
(a) 1943.
(b) 1953.
(c) 1923.
(d) 1933.

14. What is wrong with Roy's mouth?
(a) He lost his front teeth.
(b) He needs a root canal.
(c) His mouth tastes like soap.
(d) He has 19 cavities.

15. What does Sergeant Toomey have when he enters the scene?
(a) A clipboard.
(b) An army manual.
(c) A baton.
(d) A rifle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eugene tell Carney he is afraid of?

2. What is the prostitute doing at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?

3. What does Epstein claim he saw?

4. What is notable about Joseph's eating habits?

5. Where does Act 2, Scene 1 take place?

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