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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Arnold Epstein sleeping at the beginning of Act 1?
(a) On a floor.
(b) In a haystack.
(c) Leaning against a pole.
(d) On a baggage rack.

2. Who does Toomey punish with exercises because of Eugene's answer?
(a) Eugene, Carney, and Wycowski.
(b) Selridge, Wycowski, and Epstein.
(c) Carney, Epstein, and Eugene.
(d) Eugene, Selridge, and Wycowski.

3. What does Eugene start doing when he can't sleep?
(a) Whittling.
(b) Reading.
(c) Writing.
(d) Drawing.

4. How long is basic training?
(a) Five weeks.
(b) Twenty weeks.
(c) Fifteen weeks.
(d) Ten weeks.

5. What does Donald do constantly?
(a) Pace.
(b) Tap his foot.
(c) Sing.
(d) Crack his knuckles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What borough of New York City is Eugene Jerome from?

2. Where is Donald Carney from?

3. How does Eugene say the environment smells?

4. What permanent reminder of an injury does Toomey have?

5. What does Sergeant Toomey have when he enters the scene?

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