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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who encourages the court to consider the death penalty during Billy's trial?
(a) The captain of marines.
(b) The master-at-arms.
(c) The first lieutenant
(d) Captain Vere.

2. What appears to end in chapter 17?
(a) The journey.
(b) The storm.
(c) Billy and Claggart's friendship.
(d) The dirty tricks.

3. How does the chase in chapter 18 end?
(a) The merchant ship surrenders.
(b) The albatross lands on the topmast.
(c) The frigate escapes.
(d) The dolphins submerge.

4. What does the Bellipotent chase in chapter 18?
(a) An enemy merchant ship.
(b) An albatross.
(c) A school of dolphins.
(d) An enemy frigate.

5. Who witnesses Billy's funeral?
(a) The chaplain and Captain Vere.
(b) A few of Billy's closest friends.
(c) The entire crew.
(d) The chaplain and members of the drumhead court.

6. Which character becomes very friendly towards Billy in chapter 17?
(a) John Claggart.
(b) The Dansker.
(c) The afterguardsman.
(d) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.

7. In which article are the events on the Bellipotent published?
(a) "A Tale from the Royal Navy."
(b) "Insurrection Prevented."
(c) "News from the Mediterranean."
(d) "Mutiny on the High Seas."

8. Who is a part of the drumhead court in chapter 21?
(a) The first lieutenant, the captain of marines, and the sailing master.
(b) The chief mate, the master-at-arms, and a boatswain.
(c) The first lieutenant, the master-at-arms, and the chief mate.
(d) The first lieutenant, the captain of marines and the master-at-arms.

9. How does Billy respond to Claggart's accusation?
(a) He faints.
(b) He stutters.
(c) He screams obscenities.
(d) He hits him.

10. Why does the crew assemble together in chapter 25?
(a) To protest Billy's punishment.
(b) To witness an execution.
(c) To witness a flogging.
(d) To witness a keelhauling.

11. How does the article about the Bellipotent view Billy's death?
(a) As proof of his guilt.
(b) As a justifiable punishment.
(c) As an unfortunate side effect of the keelhauling.
(d) As proof of his weakness.

12. How does Melville characterize sailors in general?
(a) Irritable and aggressive.
(b) Deceptive and vicious.
(c) Lazy and stupid.
(d) Childlike and trusting.

13. Where is Captain Vere taken after he is wounded?
(a) To the crow's nest.
(b) To the galley.
(c) To shore.
(d) To his stateroom.

14. What odd weather appears the moment of Billy's death?
(a) A vapory fleece.
(b) Heat lightning.
(c) A green sky.
(d) A rumbling storm.

15. Who tells Billy of his sentence?
(a) The admiral.
(b) Captain Vere.
(c) The valet.
(d) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two groups of people does Melville compare in chapter 16?

2. Where is Billy confined in chapter 24?

3. Which two characters begin to suspect Billy of wrongdoing?

4. According to Melville, what makes sailors different from non-sailors?

5. Why doesn't the surgeon question the captain's orders?

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