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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Billy sentenced to be executed?
(a) By hanging.
(b) By walking the plank.
(c) By being poisoned.
(d) By being shot.

2. What is the title of the ballad of Billy Budd?
(a) "Billy Hangs from the Spar".
(b) "Billy in the Darbies".
(c) "The Ballad of Billy Budd".
(d) "Billy Budd, Billy Budd".

3. Who prepares Billy's body for burial?
(a) Captain Vere.
(b) The sailors on deck.
(c) The chaplain.
(d) Members of the drumhead court.

4. What astonishes Captain Vere about the report he receives in chapter 18?
(a) Billy Budd is named as a conspirator.
(b) John Claggart is named as a conspirator.
(c) He thinks the Bellipotent is the fastest ship on the water.
(d) The albatross is sitting on the topmast.

5. What hits Captain Vere in chapter 28?
(a) A dagger.
(b) A musket ball.
(c) A wayward jib.
(d) A falling spar.

6. What does Billy state is the reason that he kills Claggart?
(a) He states that he killed Claggart for being a liar.
(b) He states that he killed Claggart for his mutinous plots.
(c) He states that he killed Claggart for embarrassing the Captain.
(d) He states that he did not intend to kill Claggart.

7. Which of the following does NOT describe a reason for Billy's refusal to believe in Claggart's wrongdoing?
(a) Billy's pure heart.
(b) Billy's simple nature.
(c) Billy's friendship with Claggart.
(d) Billy inexperience with evil.

8. How does Billy kill Claggart?
(a) He drowns him.
(b) He punches him.
(c) He shoots him.
(d) He stabs him.

9. What is the nationality of the ship that attacks the Bellipotent?
(a) French.
(b) British.
(c) Spanish.
(d) Italian.

10. Into what fabric is Billy's body rolled after the execution?
(a) The fabric of a fishing net.
(b) The fabric of his hammock.
(c) The fabric of the ship's flag.
(d) The fabric from a food sack.

11. When is Billy due to be executed?
(a) As soon as the ship lands.
(b) After a legal trial on shore.
(c) In the early morning watch.
(d) At midnight.

12. To whom does the surgeon voice his opinion about the Captain's judgment, after he has helped moved Claggart's body?
(a) The lieutenants.
(b) Squeak.
(c) Billy Budd.
(d) The Admiral

13. Who does the surgeon leave his conversation about Billy's death to attend to?
(a) Dansker.
(b) A random sick patient.
(c) Captain Vere.
(d) Squeak.

14. What changes about the way that the rest of the men treat Billy Budd?
(a) There is no change to the way the men aboard ship treat him.
(b) They gang up on him in anger.
(c) They treat him as a saint.
(d) They look at him suspiciously.

15. Who is allowed to communicate with Billy in chapter 23?
(a) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(b) The Dansker.
(c) Red Whiskers.
(d) The chaplain.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what publication does the account of Billy Budd's life and death appear?

2. What does the chaplain come to speak to Billy about?

3. What does the surgeon fear will happen if he confronts the Captain about his judgment?

4. Where is Claggart's body buried?

5. What shape do the flock of birds create around the place where Billy's body once was?

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