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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the chaplain give Billy in chapter 24?
(a) A cross.
(b) A kiss on the cheek.
(c) A bible.
(d) A medal of honor.

2. Why does the Captain feel that Billy must be punished?
(a) Because someone must pay for Claggart's death.
(b) Because Billy is a malicious murderer.
(c) The captain is trying to cover up his own mistakes.
(d) To prevent a mutiny.

3. What does Billy cry out a moment before his punishment is carried out?
(a) "God bless Captain Vere!"
(b) "Why has thou forsaken me?"
(c) "Be aware, all ye sinners!"
(d) "Handsomely done, my lads!"

4. Why does Billy hesitate when asked about his knowledge of a potential insurrection?
(a) He is afraid he stutters.
(b) He does not want to tattle on a fellow crew member.
(c) He fears the afterguardsman kills him.
(d) He feels guilty about his involvement.

5. In chapter 18, which character reports suspicious behavior of a sailor to Captain Vere?
(a) Billy Budd.
(b) The Dansker.
(c) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(d) John Claggart.

6. In chapter 17, how does Claggart react when he and Billy suddenly meet?
(a) He moves aside and nods hello.
(b) He does not acknowledge Billy's presence.
(c) His eyes flash and his face reddens.
(d) He clears his throat and looks down.

7. Who tells Billy of his sentence?
(a) The admiral.
(b) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(c) The valet.
(d) Captain Vere.

8. Who is allowed to communicate with Billy in chapter 23?
(a) The Dansker.
(b) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(c) The chaplain.
(d) Red Whiskers.

9. In chapter 25, what does the crew cry in unison?
(a) "Let him go!"
(b) "Handsomely done, my lad!"
(c) "Handsome is as handsome does it, too!"
(d) "God bless Captain Vere!"

10. How does Melville characterize sailors in general?
(a) Childlike and trusting.
(b) Lazy and stupid.
(c) Deceptive and vicious.
(d) Irritable and aggressive.

11. How does Captain Vere treat Billy in chapter 22?
(a) He breates his behavior.
(b) With contempt.
(c) With compassion.
(d) He ignores Billy's presence.

12. Why does the crew of the Bellipotent save pieces of the sacred item?
(a) To honor Captain Vere.
(b) They don't think Billy is capable of murder or mutiny.
(c) To worship.
(d) They believe it prevents mutiny.

13. How is Billy's body prepared for burial?
(a) It is wrapped in his hammock.
(b) It is wrapped in the torn topsail.
(c) It is stuffed into a canvas sack.
(d) It is placed in a pine box.

14. Which two groups of people does Melville compare in chapter 16?
(a) Officers and Deckhands.
(b) Sailors and Landsmen.
(c) Men and Women.
(d) Army soldiers and Naval sailors.

15. Who is a part of the drumhead court in chapter 21?
(a) The chief mate, the master-at-arms, and a boatswain.
(b) The first lieutenant, the captain of marines and the master-at-arms.
(c) The first lieutenant, the captain of marines, and the sailing master.
(d) The first lieutenant, the master-at-arms, and the chief mate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Captain Vere tell the surgeon to call?

2. Where is Billy buried?

3. Which two characters begin to suspect Billy of wrongdoing?

4. What astonishes Captain Vere about the report he receives in chapter 18?

5. Why doesn't the surgeon question the captain's orders?

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