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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the article about the Bellipotent, how is Billy Budd presented?
(a) As a misunderstood sailor.
(b) As a foreigner who is conscripted into the navy.
(c) As a hero who discovers a mutinous plot.
(d) As an honest, hard working victim.

2. Where is Billy taken in chapter 19?
(a) Offshore.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) The brig.
(d) The captain's cabin.

3. Melville compares Billy's death to the death of which other person?
(a) Jesus.
(b) Claggart.
(c) Admiral Nelson.
(d) Captain Bligh.

4. In chapter 20, what does the surgeon want to do?
(a) Bury Claggart at sea.
(b) Follow standard procedure.
(c) Leave the ship.
(d) Have a stiff drink.

5. What does the Bellipotent chase in chapter 18?
(a) An albatross.
(b) An enemy frigate.
(c) A school of dolphins.
(d) An enemy merchant ship.

6. Who prepares Billy's body for burial?
(a) The chaplain.
(b) Captain Vere.
(c) Members of the drumhead court.
(d) The sailors on deck.

7. What excuse does Billy give for hitting Claggart?
(a) Claggart threatens to kill him.
(b) He is bi-polar.
(c) He is told to do so by the afterguardsman.
(d) He is unable to speak.

8. Who visits Billy in chapter 24?
(a) The chaplain.
(b) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(c) The Dansker.
(d) Red Whiskers.

9. Why doesn't the chaplain try to intervene on Billy's behalf?
(a) He is afraid of the captain.
(b) Because Billy does not talk to him.
(c) He feels that Billy deserves punishment.
(d) Military law is more powerful than his religious influence.

10. Where is Billy buried?
(a) On the Isle of Mann.
(b) On the shores of Timor.
(c) At sea.
(d) In England.

11. What does the chaplain give Billy in chapter 24?
(a) A kiss on the cheek.
(b) A cross.
(c) A medal of honor.
(d) A bible.

12. Why does the crew of the Bellipotent save pieces of the sacred item?
(a) They don't think Billy is capable of murder or mutiny.
(b) To honor Captain Vere.
(c) They believe it prevents mutiny.
(d) To worship.

13. What concerns the surgeon in chapter 20?
(a) The manner in which the captain is handling Claggart's death.
(b) The manner in which Claggart dies suddenly.
(c) The wounds to Billy's hand.
(d) The morale of the crew.

14. To what does Melville attribute the general attitude of most sailors?
(a) Their lives are always controlled.
(b) Living in close quarters warps a person's character.
(c) The sea attacts the worst types of individuals.
(d) They must assume control of their lives at an early age.

15. When is Billy due to be executed?
(a) After a legal trial on shore.
(b) At midnight.
(c) In the early morning watch.
(d) As soon as the ship lands.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which article are the events on the Bellipotent published?

2. Which two characters are Claggart's messmates?

3. According to Melville, what makes sailors different from non-sailors?

4. According to the article about the Bellipotent, how is John Claggart murdered?

5. What event occurs after Billy's funeral?

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