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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What often causes a mutiny?
(a) Illness.
(b) A sudden gust of wind.
(c) Sailors who drink too much and fight.
(d) Unhappy sailors.

2. What affliction plagues Billy when he is nervous?
(a) He sweats.
(b) He shakes.
(c) He blushes.
(d) He stutters.

3. What does Andrew Marvell create that commemorates Captain Vere?
(a) A sculpture.
(b) A poem.
(c) A bawdy tavern song.
(d) A medallion.

4. In what year does Billy Budd's story take place?
(a) 1597.
(b) 1879.
(c) 1797.
(d) 1679.

5. What is Billy and Claggart's relationship like before they sail together on the Bellipotent?
(a) They are close friends in childhood, but later drift apart.
(b) They are friends until Billy falls in love with Claggart's sister.
(c) The do not know each other before sailing on the Bellepotent.
(d) They are bitter enemies since childhood.

6. What does Claggart finally decide about Billy Budd's spilled soup?
(a) That it was not an accident.
(b) That Claggart walked into the soup.
(c) That it was an accident.
(d) That someone else pushed Billy from behind.

7. How do the rest of the sailors respond to Claggart's reaction over Billy Budd's spill?
(a) They are terrified.
(b) They are saddened.
(c) They are amused.
(d) They have no reaction.

8. What is John Claggart's position aboard ship?
(a) Captain.
(b) Rear admiral.
(c) Master-of-Arms.
(d) Watchman.

9. Returning to the mutinies of 1797, how many of the sailors' requests are met by those in charge?
(a) All of the requests were met.
(b) The story does not say how many requests were met.
(c) None of the requests were met.
(d) Some, but not all requests were met.

10. What animal does Claggart's sidekick resemble?
(a) A rat.
(b) A vulture.
(c) A dog.
(d) A chicken.

11. Which Captain is involved in the mutiny at Nore?
(a) Captain Budd.
(b) Captain Vere.
(c) Captain Graveling.
(d) Captain Bligh.

12. How old is John Claggart?
(a) Twenty-five.
(b) Fifty-five.
(c) Forty-five.
(d) Thirty-five.

13. What is the nickname for a sailor who is good-looking and a great leader?
(a) "Gorgeous Sailor".
(b) "Handsome Sailor".
(c) "Beautiful Sailor".
(d) "Cute Sailor".

14. Which character is described in chapter 11 as being "down" on Billy?
(a) The Dansker.
(b) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(c) John Claggart.
(d) Captain Vere.

15. What is Billy Budd worried will happen to him if he tells the Captain about the potential mutiny?
(a) That the mysterious man will kill him.
(b) That the other sailors will view him as a tattletale.
(c) That the mutiny will take place before he has a chance to inform anyone.
(d) That Captain Vere will not believe him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which philosopher is named by the narrator as being of particular interest to Captain Vere?

2. Which character is known for his cheerful disposition?

3. Who is Red Whiskers?

4. How do the other sailors react to Billy Budd's dedication to his job?

5. Who is responsible for the tricks being played on Billy?

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