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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What one item changes the face of warfare?
(a) The crossbow.
(b) The sword.
(c) The longbow.
(d) Gunpowder.

2. Who is Red Whiskers?
(a) The Captain of the Rights-of-Man
(b) The ship's cat.
(c) The Captain of the HMS Bellipotent.
(d) Billy's big, shaggy red-haired friend.

3. Which character is considered by others to be the most attractive in every aspect?
(a) Billy Budd.
(b) Captain Vere.
(c) John Claggart.
(d) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.

4. What does Billy threaten to do to the sailor in chapter 14?
(a) Throw him overboard.
(b) Stab him with a paring knife.
(c) Tie him up.
(d) Give him a hug.

5. Why is Billy reprimanded in chapter nine?
(a) He falls asleep while on watch.
(b) He knocks over a full bucket in front of the captain.
(c) He is caught eating in the crow's nest.
(d) Someone is playing tricks on him that get him in trouble.

6. What is John Claggart's position on the ship?
(a) Foretopman.
(b) Chief Mate.
(c) Master-at-arms.
(d) Boatswain.

7. Why do personalities seem clash more aboard a ship?
(a) Weeks of seasickness makes the crew irritable.
(b) The stress of working for a harsh captain makes the crew irate.
(c) Sailors live in close quarters for long periods of time.
(d) Sailors are usually tempremental in nature.

8. Which character remains cheerful, despite clandestine attempts of persecution?
(a) Billy.
(b) Captain Vere.
(c) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(d) Claggart.

9. What is Captain Vere cited for in West Indian waters?
(a) Gallantry.
(b) Cruelty.
(c) Valor.
(d) Piracy.

10. Who is Billy's father?
(a) Captain Bligh.
(b) George Budd, a merchant sailor.
(c) Captain Graveling.
(d) He is a foundling, and doesn't know his father.

11. Which character is described in chapter 11 as being "down" on Billy?
(a) Captain Vere.
(b) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(c) The Dansker.
(d) John Claggart.

12. Which character is known for his simplicity and naiveté?
(a) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.
(b) Billy Budd.
(c) John Claggart.
(d) Captain Vere.

13. Why is John Claggart's background a mystery to the crew?
(a) He appears to have noble bearing and enters naval service later in life.
(b) He becomes very nervous and quiet around authority figures.
(c) He never talks to anyone about his past.
(d) He receives mysterious letters that he burns after reading.

14. When does the Spithead mutiny occur?
(a) April of 1797.
(b) August of 1697.
(c) January of 1924.
(d) September of 1897.

15. Which character is deceived by Squeak's lies?
(a) Captain Vere.
(b) Billy.
(c) Claggart.
(d) Lieutenant Ratcliffe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which types of historical figures are often compared to Billy?

2. How old is Jon Claggart when he enters the Navy?

3. Which mutiny is discussed in chapter five?

4. Who is responsible for the tricks being played on Billy?

5. In chapter 15, which character is Billy's confidant?

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