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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Billy's death?
(a) His eyes do not close.
(b) His body does not spasm.
(c) He dies smiling.
(d) His hair turns completely white.

2. Which battle does the Victory's quarterdeck decoration commemorate?
(a) Timor.
(b) Trafalgar.
(c) Spithead.
(d) Nore.

3. What is Captain Vere's favorite hobby?
(a) Sailing.
(b) Chess.
(c) Shuffleboard.
(d) Reading.

4. What is Captain Vere cited for in West Indian waters?
(a) Piracy.
(b) Cruelty.
(c) Gallantry.
(d) Valor.

5. Why is John Claggart's background a mystery to the crew?
(a) He appears to have noble bearing and enters naval service later in life.
(b) He receives mysterious letters that he burns after reading.
(c) He never talks to anyone about his past.
(d) He becomes very nervous and quiet around authority figures.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which country is described as ruling the seas?

2. What is a "Handsome Sailor"?

3. What is attributed to will power in chapter 26?

4. Which Captain is involved in the mutiny at Nore?

5. Which ship does the Bellipotent engage in chapter 28?

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