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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decoration marks the Victory's quarterdeck?
(a) A crescent moon.
(b) A medallion.
(c) A star.
(d) An albatross.

2. What astonishes Captain Vere about the report he receives in chapter 18?
(a) John Claggart is named as a conspirator.
(b) The albatross is sitting on the topmast.
(c) Billy Budd is named as a conspirator.
(d) He thinks the Bellipotent is the fastest ship on the water.

3. What often causes a mutiny?
(a) Unhappy sailors.
(b) A sudden gust of wind.
(c) Illness.
(d) Sailors who drink too much and fight.

4. When does the Spithead mutiny occur?
(a) April of 1797.
(b) September of 1897.
(c) January of 1924.
(d) August of 1697.

5. What concerns the surgeon in chapter 20?
(a) The manner in which the captain is handling Claggart's death.
(b) The morale of the crew.
(c) The manner in which Claggart dies suddenly.
(d) The wounds to Billy's hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Captain is involved in the mutiny at Nore?

2. How does Melville characterize sailors in general?

3. What is Captain Vere's favorite hobby?

4. What does the Bellipotent chase in chapter 18?

5. Why do personalities seem clash more aboard a ship?

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