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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a mutiny?
(a) A traditional sailor's dance.
(b) A trial held at sea by the capain and three officers.
(c) When subordinate sailors attempt to illegally sieze control of a ship.
(d) A legal election process in which the captain of a vessel is replaced.

2. To what does Melville attribute the general attitude of most sailors?
(a) Their lives are always controlled.
(b) Living in close quarters warps a person's character.
(c) The sea attacts the worst types of individuals.
(d) They must assume control of their lives at an early age.

3. How does Claggart die?
(a) He hangs himself.
(b) The valet stabs him.
(c) Billy hits him.
(d) Captain Vere shoots him.

4. In chapter four, which sailor is hailed as the greatest of all time?
(a) Admiral Nelson.
(b) Captain Graveling.
(c) Captain Bligh.
(d) Captain Vere.

5. What concerns the officers in chapter 20?
(a) The manner in which Claggart dies suddenly.
(b) The manner in which the captain is handling Claggart's death.
(c) The impending storms on the horizon.
(d) The morale of the crew.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the sailor Billy threatened in chapter 14 react to Billy in chapter 15?

2. In chapter two, how does Billy react to his new shipmates?

3. What does Billy threaten to do to the sailor in chapter 14?

4. Which character is the hammock-boy sent to find in chapter 18?

5. Which character becomes very friendly towards Billy in chapter 17?

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